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Why Lean is Deployed Incorrectly?

This is a video by LEANLAB and it’s available on

Here’s a short explainer video demonstrating why a majority of Lean Initiatives are deployed incorrectly?

Tools are only 10% of Lean transformation. 90% is culture change!

  1. More than focusing on tools, we have to focus on culture change.
  2. What is the action plan to change company culture?
  3. What are training, bench marking activities, workshops that we will do to change management’s mindset?
  4. How will you change your organization to support Lean Implementation?
  5. How Long Does it Take for Something to Become a Habit? 66 Days!
  6. We should create a deployment plan divided into three phases:
    • First Phase – Focus on engagement and awareness of scope and business urgency
    • Second Phase – Focus on basic skill setup.
    • Third Phase – Focus on tools to increase awareness about the actual situation.

Target is to achieve accountability, ownership, and desire to change status.

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