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Value Stream Mapping – 7 Tips to be Successful!

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Here are the 7 Tips to a great VSM experience. Save time and be successful!

In this video we will uncover tips for successful Value Stream Mapping.

Tip 1) Use sheets, pens and pencils. PC is banned! VSM is done on the shop floor.

Tip 2) Select the team of 7 to 10 people. The make up of a cross functional team should include a person from each discipline: Lean Expert,  Value Stream Manager,  Supervisor, Operator, Quality,  Logistics,  Maintenance, and an external guest who will ask the “silly” questions no-one else will ask.

Tip 3) Have a war room allocated to create, discuss and refine the Current State Map.

Tip 4) Mapping is not for decoration. It is for identifying waste and driving action to eliminate it!

Tip 5) Clarify the aim of the mapping process before starting.

Tip 6) The map is a snap shot in time. It should reflect a representative day.

Tip 7) Draw the “To Be” or Future State Map!

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