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How to 5S a Company in 11 Points

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5S Tips & Rules

In this video, we teach you one of the basic elements of workplace organization, which is to implement a robust 5S system in your company:

1. Lead by example: Your office areas and factory floor must be perfect

2. Show business case of other sisters plants or competitors

3. Choose a pilot area where show a real business case

4. Setup a workshop to show vision, scope, training plan and action plan on followings weeks

5. Define with team road map of 5S in that area

6. Start with a 5s week, lead the event!!

7. Focus on 3S during the first month with Daily Gemba walk

8. Focus on standardization and small improvements during first 3 months with weekly Gemba walk

9. Setup, a weekly Gemba walk with top management and Team, will show improvements personally to them

10. Show improvements achieved to the rest of the organization using visual info points

11. Extend 5S to Others areas with same approach

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