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5S Methodology

This is a video by LEANLAB and it’s available on

In this video, we teach you one of the basic elements of workplace organization, which is to implement a robust 5S system in your company:

This starts from 5 Japanese words:

  1. Seiri
  2. Seiton
  3. Seiso
  4. Seiketsu
  5. Shitsuke

Even though the words sound cool in Japanese :-), you may prefer to remember them in English.

The list below converts the five Japanese steps into English. It also gives a description with each step to show how to organize a work space for efficiency and effectiveness by identifying and storing the items used, maintaining the area and items, and sustaining the new order.

  1. Sort – Eliminate all unnecessary tools, parts. Go through all tools, materials, and so forth in the plant and work area. Keep only essential items and eliminate what is not required, prioritizing things per requirements and keeping them in easily-accessible places. Everything else is stored or discarded.
  2. Set in Order – Arrange the work, workers, equipment, parts, and instructions. In such a way that the work flows free of waste through the value added tasks with a division of labor necessary to meet demand.
  3. Shine – Clean the work-space and all equipment, and keep it clean, tidy and organized. At the end of each shift, clean the work area and be sure everything is restored to its place. This step ensures that the workstation is ready for the next user and that order is sustained.
  4. Standardize – Ensure uniform procedures and setups throughout the operation. Promote interchangeability.
  5. Sustain – Make it a way of life. This means commitment. Ensure disciplined adherence to rules and procedures of 5S to prevent backsliding.

Using this 5S Methodology and the tips based on a real experience you will get extraordinary results.

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